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Risa Rodil

Artist / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Manila, Philippines

Risa Rodil is a highly talented designer, illustrator, and letterer who channels her whimsical side into delightful illustrations. Risa's illustrations often feature playful characters, intricate details, and a distinctive style that sets her apart.

Risa has worked on a wide array of projects, including book covers, magazine spreads, and advertising campaigns to promotional posters and merchandising items. Her expertise includes incorporating hand-lettering into her designs, which adds a personal and unique flair to her artwork. She has garnered recognition for her ability to convey complex ideas through visually appealing and accessible illustrations.

Some of her notable clients include Facebook, Marvel Studios, Disney, Nick Jr., Hasbro Studios, and Penguin Random House. On her days off, Risa likes to visit new cities, read books, and binge-watch television shows.

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