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Visual Effects

Manila, Philippines

Riot Inc. emerged as a small visual effects boutique in 2003, focused on delivering CG effects for commercials and television shows. As pioneers in the industry, they made a mark by pushing the boundaries of Philippine television with their groundbreaking work in the GMA TV show, Mulawin. The resounding success, both locally and internationally, showcased the immense potential and power of visual effects in the right hands.

Team Riot is driven by passion for creating exceptional art while infusing fun into every project. They enjoy what they do which translates into remarkable work for their clients. Efficiency and simplified team management are at the core of their operations, enabling them to tackle even the most demanding post-production requirements. 

Their expertise lies in seamlessly integrating live-action footage with CGI elements or other live-action footage, creating realistic and immersive imagery that captivates viewers. They excel in building 3D assets for movies and TV shows that enrich the visual experience. Their team is skilled in crafting intricate details that bring characters and environments to life.

They are dedicated to provide top-notch animation services for both 2D and 3D projects, be it television shows or feature films. Their talented animators breathe life into characters, creating exceptional visual effects, motion graphics, and animation services that surpass expectations. 

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