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Jethro Olba

Illustrator / Designer

Manila, Philippines

Jethro Olba is a talented illustrator and designer who is recognized for his distinctive style characterized by squiggly lines and artwork inspired by the pop culture of yesteryear. He leads his own lifestyle brand called Antibiotic Smile and co-directs the Odin & Grotesk Design Studio, a branding studio focused on illustration.

Jethro draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including vintage basketball, cubist art, classic cartoons, nostalgic toys, and vintage comics. His playful and cheerful characters evoke a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of classic cartoons and vintage graphics.

Throughout his young creative career, Jethro has had the opportunity to collaborate with notable brands such as Nike, Crocs, NBA, Krispy Kreme, Manila Sneaker Expo, H&M, DBTK, and many others. His unique artistic style and creative vision have made him a sought-after illustrator in the industry.

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