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Happy Garaje

Art & Illustration

Cebu, Philippines

Happy Garaje Design Studio Co. is an art and design collective that was co-founded by the creative duo, Johanna and Mark Deutsch. They specialize in various creative fields in designing objects, spaces, and experiences where people can share stories and make friends. The studio is supported by a talented team of artists, illustrators, designers and storytellers, who have been working in partnership since 2009. 

Happy Garaje collaborates with fellow artists and designers, as well as organizations in Asia and global brands like Disney, Pixar, Uniqlo, and Door to Asia. They have an impressive portfolio of over 1000 local design projects in Cebu City and nearby areas. 

They especially love projects that involve people in their hometown of Cebu City. The studio takes pride in serving their community through design work, viewing it as a way to continually learn from their neighbors and contribute to the creative landscape of their city.

Happy Garaje is inspired by everyday people, heroes, monsters, hopes, dreams, and the in-between places where things are not quite what they seem.

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