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About Art-Zoo

Art-Zoo is an interactive and immersive art installation rather than a permanent art gallery or exhibition. It is known for its inflatable and illuminated animal-themed structures that create a whimsical and fantastical environment. Visitors, both adults, and children can explore these larger-than-life installations, interact with the artwork, and enjoy the playful atmosphere. The inflatable animals are often designed with bright colors and unique patterns, making it a visually engaging experience.

About Jackson Tan

Jackson Tan is a Singaporean artist and designer known for his involvement in various creative projects. He is one of the founding partners of contemporary art and design collective PHUNK. He is the founder and creative director of BLACK, a design and branding studio based in Singapore and the creator of Art-Zoo.

Jackson has been recognized for his contributions to the design and arts scene, and he has played a role in initiatives that blend art, design, and cultural engagement.

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